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American Self Storage has self-storage units that are vital to Liberty SC residents and businesses.

We have short and long-term self-storage space available at affordable prices.

Whether you need storage units for personal or commercial reasons, American Self Storage can help.

With 4 locations in Liberty SC, you’re always close to your stuff.

Come visit us to see what we offer. We’ll love showing you around!

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Storage Units Liberty SC FAQ

To help you make the right choice, please review some of the questions individuals and businesses ask about our storage units Liberty SC.

Where are your storage units near me?

American Self Storage has four locations in Liberty SC:

  • 328 W Front St Liberty SC
  • 238 Ruhamah Rd Liberty SC
  • 5798 Moorefield Memorial Hwy Liberty SC
  • 5638 Moorefield Memorial Hwy Liberty SC

So, chances are, American Self Storage has storage units near you.

What are your storage units’ features?

Self storage Liberty SC offers:

  • 24/7 Access.
  • Security Lighting.
  • Convenient Drive-up Access.
  • Most Secure Locks in Industry (included)
  • Payment Drop Box Available.

How much does a 10×10 storage unit cost?

Our Liberty SC locations don’t offer 5×10 storage units. Instead, please consider an available option:

  • 10×10.
  • 10×20.
  • 20×20.

Pricing for self-storage units Liberty SC may vary from one location to another. Also, prices can sometimes change without notice.

Check the American Self Storage website for current pricing in Liberty SC.

Storage units Liberty SC

Can a full-size bed fit in a 10×10 storage unit?

A full-size bed should easily fit in your 10×10 unit.

Our storage units Liberty SC come in three sizes: 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20.

Typical mattress sizes are as follows:

King76″ x 80″
Cal King72″ x 84″
Queen60″ x 80″
Full XL54″ x 80″
Full54″ x 75″
Twin XL38″ x 80″
Twin38″ x 75″

How big of a storage unit do I need?

Only you know how much stuff you have. That will determine the size of the self-storage unit that you need.

The following guidelines should help you choose the right storage unit:

10×10 Storage Unit (100 sq ft)

Your 10×10 storage unit in Liberty SC should hold the contents of a two-bedroom space.

You can easily store your entertainment center, king-size bed, appliances, dining room set, furniture, and other items.

10×20 Storage Unit (200 sq ft)

If you have a three or four-piece bedroom set, your 10×20 self-storage unit in Liberty SC should hold it.

Use leftover space for sports gear, furniture, boxes, and other small to medium-sized items.

20×20 Storage Unit (400 sq ft)

Liberty SC self-storage spaces are available. Sizes range up to 20 x 20.

These are fantastic solutions for commercial and business customers. Also, if you have a lot of stuff, you’ll need this size.

How much does storage cost in Liberty SC?

Please visit the American Self Storage Liberty SC web page.

There, you’ll find our current pricing. We have a variety of sizes and locations available.

How much are self storage units per month?

American Self Storage operates four facilities in Liberty SC:

  • 328 W Front St Liberty SC.
  • 238 Ruhamah Rd Liberty SC.
  • 5798 Moorefield Memorial Hwy Liberty SC.
  • 5638 Moorefield Memorial Hwy Liberty SC.

Visit our Liberty SC self-storage page to view current pricing. You can also contact us via telephone: 888-843-8420.

Available sizes are 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20.

Payments are due on the first day of every month.

You can pay via the U.S. mail, our convenient drop box, in person, or set up automatic payments.

How do I choose a storage unit?

Visit our “Measure and Move” page to estimate your space requirements. Choosing a self-storage unit in Liberty SC is easy!

What happens if I put too much stuff in my storage unit?

Choose a storage unit that offers you ample space to grow.

Also, we recommend that you avoid over-stuffing your storage unit.

When you put too much stuff in a small space, you can stifle air flow and set the stage for dampness or mold.

Do you offer insurance options for your storage units?

You must have insurance for your Liberty SC self-storage unit. You can set it up for a small monthly fee which you can pay all at once (no extra due dates to worry about!).

How do I learn more about storage units Liberty SC?

Call American Self Storage Liberty SC at 888-843-8420 or send an email to

You can also visit our office during business hours. Our address is 328 W Front St, Liberty, SC 29657.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 22, 2019. It was updated for accuracy and completeness on April 30, 2019.

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