Self Storage Pickens SC – Bathroom Renovation Hacks

Aren’t you tired of your bathroom? Give it some pizazz by putting to use the following easy bathroom renovation hacks. Believe it or not, Self Storage Pickens SC can help.

Of course, as you work on your bathroom, you’re going to need storage space. So, if you’re ready, call American Self Storage, LLC right now.

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Now, get ready for some fast, fun, facts for saving money while renovating your bathroom.

Self Storage Pickens SC – Bathroom Renovation Hacks

Let’s face it. You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg remodeling your bathroom. Begin by using self storage Pickens SC to store your old and new furnishings and supplies.

Next, get to work!

Low-Pressure Showers

Showerheads and faucets equipped with reducers can reduce your water consumption. However, they can also give you and your family frustrating bath-time experiences.

Rather than tear out your plumbing, try removing the reducer from inside your showerhead. Just unscrew it and look for a gasket that holds it in. After removing the reducer, screw the showerhead back on and give it a try.

Does your residence have hard water? If so, it can leave deposits that can clog your showerhead. Solve this problem by soaking your unit in vinegar. This will loosen and remove the hard-water deposits.

Do you still have problems in your shower? Check to make sure your cut-off valves are fully open.

Yucky Faucet Handles

Have you priced faucets recently? If so, you know they’re not cheap. Still, don’t give up. You can breathe new life into your faucets by replacing the handles.

Although you might find affordable replacements at your local big-box home center, you should first try restoring your old ones.

Grab a screw driver, detach your faucet’s handles and then soak them in vinegar. Next, grab a toothbrush and scrub them until they sparkle.

Exhaust Fan Misery

With the passage of time, your exhaust fan loses its effectiveness. This can happen as the result of dust build up and other problems.

Find out how well your fan’s working by grabbing a single section of toilet paper. Hold it near the running gan to see if it’s sucking air through.

Self storage Pickens SC gives can provide space for you to keep your tools, supplies, and materials as you replace your exhaust fan.

If you’re not quite ready to do the work, try using your vacuum with a brush attachment to clear away debris.

Sometimes, the exhaust pipe could be the culprit. So, clear it out using a dryer vent brush with a long handle.

Self Storage Pickens SC – Dingy Cabinets

Call American Self Storage, LLC for self storage Pickens SC before you start replacing your cabinets. After all, you’re going to need a place to put your new cabinets and store your old ones.

Before you start that job, consider saving money by spiffing up your existing setup. Look for a refinishing kit at your local hardware store to give your dingy cabinets a new lease on life. Of course, you could also look for a la carte tools and supplies that can help you do the work.

Remove all the doors, drawers, and hardware from your cabinets and take them to your workspace. After removing the original finish, choose a stain or paint to give it a new look. Afterward, use a polycrylic coating to protect it from moisture.

Finally, go shopping for some knobs and pulls to complete the job.

Self Storage Pickens SC

Damaged Tiles

If you have a cracked tile, it’ll probably soon fall off. If you already have missing tiles, the problem will get worse. You can also expect trouble if your grout has cracked or fallen out.

Use a tile-saw attachment for your drill or other rotary tool to cut out offending tiles at the grout line. Afterward, use a chisel or hammer to remove them. Carefully inspect the wall behind the tiles for damage.

After performing any necessary repairs to the walls, apply a leveler compound to the area. Next, apply the mortar and place your tiles. When it’s ready, apply grout and grout sealer.

Mundane Mirror

If you’re bored with your bathroom’s mirror and are ready to stuff it in your self storage Pickens SC space, wait just a minute.

You might discover damage to the wall behind the mirror that can frustrate your renovation plans. Rather than expanding the scope of your project, consider keeping your old mirror.

You can give your old mirror a fabulous new look by framing it with rabbet-backed molding.

If you do this, remember to paint the back of the molding because you’ll be able to see it in the edge of the mirror.

Self Storage Pickens SC

American Self Storage Pickens SC is your top-rated storage provider. We have a variety of storage unit sizes available. In other words, when you’re ready to remodel your bathroom, you can depend on us.

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