Should My Self Storage Insurance Policy Protect Against Crime?

You go to a lot of effort to keep your self-storage unit clean and organized. So, what will you do if something happens to its contents? Self storage insurance can protect you.

When you sign up with American Self Storage, you’ll sign off on an affordable insurance policy that will help you recover from adverse circumstances. Continue reading to learn how this coverage

Self Storage Insurance

As part of your contract with American Self Storage, you’ll carry insurance that covers the property that’s stored inside your unit. This insurance increases your monthly payment. However, in return, you get the peace of mind that you deserve.

A third-party provider services your self-storage policy. So, if you suffer from a covered loss (please carefully read your policy), you can file a claim with your insurer to ask for reimbursement.

The following reasons help explain the importance of insurance coverage for your self-storage unit.

High Value Items

Regardless of whether you store items that have sentimental or monetary significance, your insurance can help you replace it. If you have unusual items that may require special insurance coverage, contact our office about extended coverage options.


If your self-storage unit is affected by severe weather such as flooding, your insurance policy may help you recover from the damage. For this reason, you should always keep your insurance policy handy. If you haven’t already read it, now’s a good time to review your coverage.


What happens if a crime impacts your self-storage unit? Like most property owners, American Self Storage, LLC is covered with self-storage facility insurance. However, our insurance won’t cover the cost of your stolen property. So, if you’re burglarized, you’ll need to contact your insurer to start a claim.


Although we maintain all our storage units to a high standard, a rodent may find its way into your unit and cause damage to some of your property. Without insurance, you’re responsible for that damage. Fortunately, when you sign up with American Self Storage, you can acquire insurance coverage and include its cost in your monthly payment.

Laws and Regulations

Your contract with American Self Storage, LLC requires that you carry a certain amount of insurance coverage for your unit. We require proof of insurance because we’re subject to relevant laws and regulations.

Self Storage Insurance

Insurance for Self Storage – Facts

We’re delighted to have you as a self-storage customer. To ensure that you have and understand your insurance coverage, familiarize yourself with the following facts about your policy.

Coverage Limit

Your policy will state the maximum amount that your policy will pay. If you check your policy and need additional coverage, contact our office to discuss additional coverage options.


Don’t assume that your insurance will cover everything in your unit. Instead, check your policy to find out what types of items are excluded by your policy. Also, refer to your policy to discover the types of damage that your policy does and doesn’t cover.


Don’t wait for something bad to happen before becoming familiar with your insurer’s rules for claims and other procedures. That way, you’ll be ready if your property gets damaged.

About American Self Storage, LLC

American Self Storage operates self-storage facilities in Liberty SC, Pickens SC, Easley SC, Greenwood SC, and Lancaster SC. We provide a safe, affordable way for you to store your personal and business’ property.

As a courtesy, we provide you with a chance to buy mandatory insurance coverage and roll it into a single monthly payment.

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