Renting storage at American Self Storage, LLC

If you’re visiting this page, chances are you are one of many Americans who have never rented a storage space. Storage facilities? Mini storage? Sounds intimidating, but don’t worry – it’s not difficult at all! In reality, it’s an affordable and flexible way to take care of your storage problem.

Where do I start?

American Self Storage, LLC’s spaces come in many sizes, so it’s just a matter of picking one to match what you are storing. If you still are unsure, give us a call and someone from our team will cheerfully walk you through picking the right size unit for you. Next, find the American Self Storage, LLC closest to you.

Easy, you say?

Think of renting a storage unit as a temporary, off-site addition to your home or business. Whether you need the extra space for furniture storage, office files, equipment, or vehicle storage, at American Self Storage, LLC it’s simply a matter of picking the right space and renting it by the month. We know our relationship will be short, so at American Self Storage, LLC you’ll find competitive storage rates, great move-in specials, and extra helpful folks to assist you until your storage needs are history!

How does renting storage work?

Renting a storage space is a lot like renting an apartment, without the long-term commitment. American Self Storage, LLC’s Rental Agreement is always month-to-month… you pay a small rental fee on the first of each month until you no longer need your storage space.


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