How to Pack Your Things for Storage

Do you know how to pack your things for storage?

After scouring all the self storage options in your area, you’ve finally made your choice. Now what? Do you toss your stuff into your unit and hope for the best?

We’ve been in the self-storage business for a long time. We’ve worked with a broad range of customers. In other words, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t work.

Continue reading to learn some practical tips for storing your things in storage units.

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Now, let’s jump into some practical self storage advice.

How to Pack Your Things for Storage

You knew that you needed more space. Now you have it. What happens next? We want you to get the most possible benefit from your self-storage unit. For this reason, you’ll have to efficiently pack your things for storage.

Use these tips to get started.

Choose the right box

Keep your heavy items from crushing your lightweight items by putting them at the bottom of the box.

Also, use small boxes to store heavy items and big boxes for light items. That way, you’ll be able to carry your boxes without hurting yourself.

Additionally, avoid using bags. However, bags easily tear and can restrict ventilation. Consequently, you could increase your unit’s risk for mildew.

We suggest that you avoid cardboard boxes that can absorb moisture and collapse over the long run. Instead, buy plastic containers with opaque sides. These offer several advantages:

  • An added layer of protection.
  • They’re easier to carry.
  • You can see what’s inside without opening them.
How to pack your things for storage

Don’t Overstuff

First, don’t overstuff your boxes. For starters, you should limit the weight of your boxes to an amount that you can lift without hurting your back.

Overstuffing your boxes can make them hard to stack. It can also cause damage to fragile items.

On the other hand, leaving your boxes too empty can allow for their contents to shift and collide with each other.

Overstuffing your self-storage units can also cause problems. Too much stuff can reduce natural airflow and set the stage for mold, mildew, and moisture issues.

How to store clothes in a storage unit

Do you know how to store clothes in a storage unit?

Don’t stuff your clothes in typical boxes and bags. Instead, buy wardrobe boxes that allow you to hang your clothes inside.

Consequently, you can move your clothes directly from your closet into your storage boxes. Furthermore, these boxes will help you avoid getting wrinkles in your dresses, suits, and other special attire.

Power Tip: Consider using wardrobe boxes for draperies, bed linens, blankets, and garden tools.

Don’t skimp on labels

Get some large labels so you can write down what’s inside every box. This is especially important when you use containers that you can’t see through.

Also, while writing your labels, use a large, wide-tipped, black marker. This will ensure that you can read them from a distance and that they won’t become illegible over time.

Protect furniture

Use padding and other protective materials to wrap your furniture before you store it. Do this right and you’ll minimize the risk of damage while moving and storing it.

Reduce size

Whenever possible, reduce the size of the items you store. For instance, you could vacuum-sealed bags to compress your blankets.

Similarly, you can save space by disassembling bed frames and other large items.

Start Now

Now that you know how to pack your things for storage, what are you waiting for?

As you pack, we hope you’ll share your experience with us so that we can add your self-storage tips and tricks to this article.

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