How to get the most out of your Easley SC storage unit

You made a brilliant decision to reduce clutter by getting an Easley SC storage unit.

As you look forward to starting a new chapter in your life, you’ll need to make sure you get the most value for the price you pay.

Use the following tips to help you along on your journey.

Maximizing Your Easley SC Storage Unit

What can you do with your Easley SC storage unit?

The possibilities are endless.

However, success isn’t automatic. The following tips will help you have a successful and rewarding self-storage experience.

Get Enough Space

Naturally, you’re ready to save money on self-storage. Still, you can hurt yourself and your property in the long run if you don’t get the right-sized unit.

Skimping on space can result in damaged caused by the weight of tall stacks of boxes. Additionally, when you stuff your storage unit, you reduce air circulation and increase the risk of damage from moisture and mold.

Pack Properly

Again, we understand that you want to save money. However, failing to properly pack your items for your Easley SC storage unit can result in damage.

Rather than using plastic trash and shopping bags, buy rugged plastic storage containers. Whenever possible, use clear or opaque containers so you can see what’s inside a box without opening it. Also, liberally use bubble wrap.

Before you continue, read our article about how to pack your things for storage.

Get Help

Don’t risk injuring yourself while moving. You’ll do better by hiring some professional movers to transport your property to your Easley storage unit than damaging your body.

Learn about safe lifting procedures at or another online resource before you start moving stuff.

Get Organized

Resist the temptation to toss stuff into your self-storage unit. Even if you’re in a hurry, you have enough time to carefully record an inventory of your unit.

Additionally, you should use large labels and a thick black marker to label all your boxes and containers. Moreover, prioritize the location of your stuff by putting frequently needed things closest to the door.

Talk to Us!

Avoid violating your contract with American Self Storage, LLC by thoroughly reading all your paperwork. If you have any questions, contact us. After all, we’re on your side.

When you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and see us. When we have a good relationship, you’ll have the latest news on any pricing or security updates as they happen. You’ll also stay aware of our latest promotions.

Use Your Insurance

Did you buy affordable insurance to cover your storage unit Easley SC? If not, you need to call us right away. Coverage is both affordable and mandatory, so don’t take any risks.

Now that you have insurance, learn all about it. Find out what’s covered and what’s not covered. That way, if a relevant event occurs, you know how to use your self-storage insurance coverage.

Enjoy Your Easley SC Storage Unit

If you’ve not secured your Easley SC storage unit, please visit our Easley SC self-storage locations page. We serve you with three locations in Easley.

Is Easley too far away? American Self Storage also operates locations in other South Carolina cities:

  • Liberty SC
  • Pickens SC
  • Greenwood SC
  • Lancaster SC

Have questions? Need to know more? Visit our About Us page to learn how to contact us.

Self-storage can make your life better. So, apply the above tips to create a positive experience. After a while, you’ll recognize your Easley SC storage unit as a functional extension of your home or business.

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