Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like Summer Time

After enjoying the fresh breeze, sunshine, and shade, how does your home feel when you go back inside? If yours is like most homes, it probably feels dark and smells stale. To counter that, take advantage of the following ways to make your bedroom feel like summer time.

How does summer feel?

You don’t have to spend all your free time outside to enjoy the summer. In fact, you can enjoy all that summer can offer while beating the heat by updating your bedroom.

If you do the job right, you’ll pass up those early morning hikes to sleep in. You’ll also want to retire early to your fresh, open, and quaint sleeping quarters.

How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like Summer Time

If you change how your bedroom looks and feels, you can change how you look and feel.

Think small

Sometimes you can transform a room simply by tweaking a few details. For instance, you could try a rope-knot doorstop, fresh flowers, a coffee tray, a light throw, and similar small additions to make your room feel cool and inviting.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to redecorate your bedroom for the summer. Instead, choose something from your stash in your self-storage unit. If you’ve had odds and ends stored for a year or longer, they’ll feel fresh and new if you use them now.

Think big

Do you keep delaying the inevitable? You try to get by with your outdated, dark, worn-out bedroom. Use the summer as a season of renovation. Head out to your local home improvement store to get your tools and supplies.

If you can’t get started right away, don’t worry. American Self Storage has all the self-storage space that you need to store your equipment and supplies.

Make it Natural

Use natural materials such as wicker, rattan, and bamboo to give your bedroom a light, natural outdoorsy look and feel. After replacing your tables and chairs, be sure to find matching light quilt or comforter.

Always look for natural tints and earthy hues that will contribute to a clean decor with an open, breezy feel.

If you’re replacing furniture and bed linens that still have useful life, don’t discard them. Instead, take them to your self-storage unit. Later on, you can use these things again.

Go Nautical

You don’t need a boat to enjoy the lake or the open sea. Use a porthole mirror and sea-foam-colored bed linens to carry your nautical theme.

If possible achieve contrast choosing a dark, ship-like bed frame to contrast with your light, airy design elements. Also, consider using clear class lamps and surfaces to make your bedroom feel bright, cheery, and open.


Do your walls feel old and outdated, freshen them up with a new coat of paint. Although, in some cases, you’ll need to remove old layers of paint, you might find some types of paint that will cover up your past mistakes.

Change the floor

If you have worn-out wall-to-wall carpet on your bedroom’s floor, take it out. Try painting your floor a seafaring dark blue color. Add a light-colored area rug to create contrast.

Tame Layers

If you have numerous patterns in your bedroom, tame them by ensuring that they all share at least one common color. For instance, find a common shade of blue to carry out your blue and white palette.

Similarly, if you can use rustic woods and off-white accents to support your natural earth or wood color scheme.

best ways to make your bedroom feel like summer time

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